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The ladies behind Lacca

elevate your everyday

Mother-daugher duo Allie Carroll and Cyndi Winters are changing the world of nail salons. As serial entrepreneurs, Allie and Cyndi have started several companies together. Starting with Down South Collection™️ in 2012, the duo built upon its kickstarter lifestyle by opening Archer+Arrow as a women’s clothing store in 2015. Most recently, Allie and Cyndi were the owners and founders of Blue Door NoCo in Corinth, Mississippi and online. Priding itself in offering “things for a life well-lived”, Blue Door served its customers with gifts for anything from a small happy to wedding presents and more!

The pair found that they were fascinated by the nail industry including its success and its shortcomings. As business women, Allie and Cyndi are all about solving problems, finding a hole in the market, and filling a need. As they keep regular manicures themselves, they knew they had some ideas to elevate the usual nail salon experience. With that in mind, the ladies put their heads together and dreamt up the efficient and beautiful business plan for Lacca.

At Lacca, we believe in the little things. These are the things that can take your daily routine to the next level. They make life easier and more joyful.

For us, we believe that your routine mani/pedi should be efficient, clean, and relaxing. That means no guesswork. No guessing how long the appointment will run. No wondering if you will have your favorite nail tech available this week. No feeling unsure of what to do when you walk in the door.

At Lacca, it's like walking in your home. Feel welcomed, known, appreciated, and, most importantly, relaxed and comfortable.

So come see us, and elevate your everyday.

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